Wrapping up The Trilogy of Terror!

Five weeks. Five cities. Three plays. All, a smashing success. We just wrapped on our fourth full production, The Trilogy of Terror! and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

We made new friends, in and out of the puppet house, performed in new venues and cities, spread some laughter, and got to give some long-desired polish and shine to the scrappy little short pieces that launched Puppeteers for Fears into the world.

And the truth is, we didn’t know if any of it would work. Restaging a previous show with multiple directors, shifting from doing feature-length shows to a series of one-acts, and visiting new markets, is a basket full of X-factors, and through hard work and good luck, they all lined up perfectly. The cast and crew for this show was spectacular, and each brought something unique and wonderful to the production.

But we wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without the overwhelming support we’ve received. We believe firmly that the audience is an essential component of a performance, and our audiences did a lot of the heavy lifting for making this show such a success.  If you came to see The Trilogy of Terror!, thanks for the support. If you told you friends about it, thanks for your support. If you’re reading this now, thanks for your support. Nothing we do would be possible without the devotion and energy shown by our fans.

Now stay tuned. We’re cooking up some really great stuff for the rest of the season!

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