“End of the World” End of the Tour Post

Helloooooo, friends! So, like… we did it! After literal years of existential crisis and soul searching during “The Covid Times,” Puppeteers for Fears some-goddamn-how pulled off a wild hat trick and managed to resurrect the company—a company whose entire performance model is basically a sweaty game of Twister traveling from port to port in a cramped tour van, sing-spitting into each other’s eyeballs all the way, to perform for (and take cozy selfies with) hundreds of people; aka, a superspreader event unto itself.

But after a lot of waiting—and a lot of of vaxxing—we managed to reassemble the puppet crew from various new post-Covid homes across four cities to put together an exploratory foray back into the world of performing. This was no small task, requiring months of remote rehearsal via Zoom, and only allowing for a white-knucklingly scant 2.5-ish in-person runthroughs of the show before performing in front of live audiences. It was a chainsaw-juggling high wire act and, to be honest, we’re a bit shocked it actually worked.

But wow did it work.

Performing “The Cabaret at the End of the World” at the Egyptian Theatre in Coos Bay. Photo by John Beane.

Every show sold out and our all time sales record was shattered. We sold out of merch, played new venues, had some of our heroes come to see us, and honestly… just cried a lot of happy tears because, WOW were we not expecting such a tremendous outpouring of support.

We are crazy grateful to the venues and everyone who came out to see shows in Astoria, Portland, Coos Bay, Brookings, Myrtle Creek, and Ashland (especially the folks who waited outside The Black Sheep in Ashland for hours in the rain and couldn’t get in—we will avenge you). And after all that, we’re feeling crazy enough that we want to do it all again.

So what does that look like?

We don’t actually know yet. We’re scheming RIGHT NOW. Will it be something grand… full of adventure… and romance… and finding love in the most unexpected places? Maaaaybeeee. But most importantly, it will be something. Rather than the resounding nothing of the last few years.

Stay tuned, dorks. We love you. ❤

Photo by Matt Honnies.

Meet the “Cabaret at the End of the World” cast and crew here.